Monday, November 29, 2021

booster shot

Investigation ongoing into doctor’s death, says health ministry

It says Dr Chai Koh Meow completed his Covid-19 booster dose on Nov 9, and did not report any extraordinary side effects after receiving the vaccination.

Australia begins vaccine booster rollout as more curbs ease in Sydney

Sydney and Melbourne, its largest cities and worst hit by the Delta wave, are racing through their inoculations before gradually relaxing restrictions.

US experts recommend Moderna booster for older and at-risk groups

Experts have decided to authorise a booster dose of Moderna for three categories of people: the over-65s, aged 18 and 64 who are at a higher risk of developing a severe symptoms, and those whose work may involve frequent exposure to the virus.

Moderna or Pfizer booster works better for people vaccinated with J&J, says study

The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, was eagerly awaited in the US because it looked at the possibility of 'mixing' vaccines – using a different vaccine than the initial doses for the booster shot – which is not currently allowed in the country.

Pfizer jab okayed for use as booster shot

The mixing of different vaccines will also be allowed for booster doses.

Side effects after booster dose similar to second shot, US study shows

Only 0.1%, that is 13 people, were hospitalised.

US okays Pfizer Covid booster for the elderly and high-risk

Pfizer Covid-19 boosters are currently being debated by a separate body of experts convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which may recommend further specifics about recipients.

No need for vaccine booster jabs, study says

The authors say that if new virus mutations do emerge that are able to evade the current vaccine response, it would be better to deliver specially modified vaccine boosters aimed at the newer variants.

Spain authorises booster shots for severely immunocompromised people

The European Medicines Agency said earlier this month it was evaluating a potential booster dose of Covid-19 vaccines that may be given six months after the second one.

EU watchdog studying data on Pfizer booster dose

The EMA says it will carry out a speedy evaluation of the data, with an outcome expected 'within the next few weeks'.

Britain to give third Covid jab to the immunosuppressed

Third doses will be given to people with immunosuppressive conditions such as HIV/AIDS, and those who have received immunosuppressive treatments like chemotherapy.

Israel offers Covid booster jab to ages 12 and up

With two million Israelis having received a third shot, the government says the results are clear as 'the increase in severe morbidity has begun to slow'.

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