Saturday, January 22, 2022

blood clots

Brazil regulator says teen’s death unrelated to Pfizer shot

It says the 16-year-old had a prior blood clot condition not related to the vaccine.

Clot risk far lower from vaccines than virus, UK study shows

It says increased risks associated with the jabs are short-term only, while virus infection is associated with increased risk for the whole of the 28-day period examined.

Use all vaccine options to beat Covid, EMA tells EU

This comes as several countries limit the use of jabs like AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson and opt instead for vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna.

Clotting concerns see more restrictions for AstraZeneca jab in Australia

Australia now recommends that the AstraZeneca vaccine should not be given to people under 60.

EMA official says remarks on AstraZeneca jab ‘not interpreted correctly’

Marco Cavaleri says the vaccine 'maintains a favourable benefit risk profile in all ages but particularly in the elderly above 60'.

EMA official suggests ditching AstraZeneca jab

But the EMA's head of vaccine strategy acknowledges that incidents of blood clots are very rare, and that the vaccination programme in the UK is going well.

Chile limits use of AstraZeneca after blood clot case

The shot will be administered only to people aged 45 and over, as a 'preventative and proactive measure' pending further investigation.

First case of AstraZeneca jab blood clotting recorded in South Korea

A group of German scientists claim to have found the cause of the rare blood clots.

Scientists may have discovered why certain Covid jabs can cause blood clots

Scientists and drug regulators have been searching for an explanation for what is causing the rare but potentially deadly side effect.

British woman dies in Cyprus after AstraZeneca jab

Cyprus is also investigating four other cases of 'mild' blood clotting, three after an AstraZeneca jab and one after a Pfizer shot.

Austria to phase out AstraZeneca jabs

Its health minister says the jab is safe but cites bad press and delivery problems.

‘Minuscule’ clotting risk after AstraZeneca Covid jabs, says India

India's health ministry says the rate of such events are 0.61 per million doses, much lower than those reported in the UK.

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