Tuesday, December 7, 2021

bloc vote

Don’t waste time on ruling MPs, say Mat Sabu, Guan Eng in veiled jibe at Anwar

They instead urge PH to build its strength with opposition parties outside of the coalition.

FT budget passed after PH MPs refuse to vote

110 MPs voted in support of it while seven voted against it, 31 abstained and 72 were absent.

Communications ministry budget passed after debate on rebranded Jasa

A total of 107 MPs voted in support of the allocation while 100 were against it and 13 absent.

Tourism budget passed in another victory for PN

The budget of RM1.14 billion was supported by 109 MPs while 96 voted against it and 15 were absent.

Transport ministry budget makes 13-0 for PN

The allocation was passed by bloc vote, 109 to 94.

9-0 as Miti budget scrapes through bloc vote

110 MPs voted in support of the budget while 104 opposed it and six were absent.

Energy and natural resources ministry makes it 8-0 for PN

The allocation for the energy and natural resources ministry was also passed by voice vote.

7-0 as rural development ministry budget passed, too

This is the second budget allocation to be passed by voice vote today.

Agriculture ministry budget takes vote tally to 6-0 for PN

The allocation was passed by voice vote.

5-0 as plantations ministry budget passed

108 vote in favour, 95 against and 17 absent.

PH embarks on ‘27-0’ strategy to redeem budget vote failure

But observers question the extent to which the strategy will succeed.

Govt survives vote on PMO budget

105 voted in support and 95 against, while 20 were absent.

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