Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Biden, Xi speak by phone for first time since February

Relations between Washington and Beijing have been at their lowest point in decades and it was only the second call between the leaders since Biden took office in January.

Pressure on US as NGOs say flights from Afghanistan blocked

A US NGO in Afghanistan says some 600 to 1,300 people have been waiting near the Mazar-i-Sharif airport for as long as a week.

Britain in talks with Taliban over safe passage of remaining nationals

Meanwhile, more than 8,000 Afghans who helped Nato forces made it out of Afghanistan and the British government said they would be given indefinite leave to remain.

Biden wants Gaza de-escalation, Israel waiting for ‘right moment’

Diplomatic efforts are intensifying to stem the bloodshed.

US nears 500,000 Covid-19 deaths

As the outbreak spread across the country, the pace of deaths increased, with the toll jumping from 400,000 in just over a month amid a spike fuelled in part by holiday gatherings.

Nato puts holds on Afghanistan decision, expands in Iraq

Biden's administration is reviewing whether to stick to a looming deadline to withdraw the remaining 2,500 US troops or risk a bloody backlash from the insurgents by staying.

Myanmar military widens coup dragnet as scores protest at university

The rally took place after the arrest Win Htein, a key aide to de facto leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi, who was detained along with President Win Myint early Monday.

Biden ramps up US refugee admissions to 125,000 per year

The US has an extensive history of welcoming refugees and is one of the world's largest resettlement nations.

Biden overturns Trump’s ban on transgender troops

The executive order is one of Biden's first moves to unravel Trump's legacy in the military and elsewhere.

US passes 25 million Covid-19 cases

The US caseload remains by far the world's highest in absolute terms.

China tests Biden’s resolve in the skies over Taiwan

Increased numbers of Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan airspace over the weekend, prompting warnings from Washington.

Vietnam choosing new leaders to leverage US-China tensions

The new Hanoi leadership will have to contend with increased scrutiny from the US and a largely unknown new leadership in the White House.

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