Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Beijing tells Nato not to play up China’s military threat

Nato had said that China's 'stated ambitions and assertive behaviour present systemic challenges to the rules-based international order'.

US condemns ‘escalatory’ Chinese military flights off Malaysia, Taiwan

The US Air Force's Pacific commander says these activities 'add to the list' of China's 'destabilising activities'.

Chinese military flights near Malaysia, ‘routine training’ or ‘routine warning’?

A new oil exploration by Petronas may be among the factors behind the latest turmoil.

China dakwa penerbangan di ruang udara Sarawak adalah ‘rutin latihan’

Jurucakap kedutaan China berkata mengikut undang-undang antarabangsa, pesawat ketenteraan China menikmati kebebasan untuk melaksanakan penerbangan di ruang udara yang relevan.

Xi calls for greater international media reach to counter criticism of China

The president wants isolated China to ‘make friends and win over the majority’ worldwide.

Beijing now counts more local billionaires than New York City

There's an exodus of super-wealthy from NYC.

Press freedom in Macau under pressure as Beijing issues unexpected ‘guidelines’

Normally, Beijing lavishes praise on Macau while issuing stark warnings to Hong Kong that it will not tolerate any challenge to its authority.

Beijing approves electoral shake-up for Hong Kong

Chinese authorities have said the changes will ensure only 'patriots' run the city in future.

China court appearances this week for 2 Canadians charged with spying

US President Joe Biden has promised to work with Canada to ensure the men's safe return.

Biggest sandstorm in decade turns Beijing skies yellow

The city government ordered all schools to cancel outside sport and events and advised those with respiratory diseases to stay inside, while some highways were partially closed.

China’s Muslim crackdown reaches tropical paradise island 

A Muslim commentator says Beijing wants Muslim ethnic groups throughout China to lose any sense of unity their religion provides.

No baby boom in China as births fall by nearly a third in 2020

2020 marks the fourth consecutive year that the number of registered births has declined.

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