Monday, December 6, 2021


BBC China correspondent moves to Taiwan after threats from authorities

The number of foreign journalists in China is shrinking as they are either pressured into leaving or expelled.

Pengeluar sarung tangan Malaysia dikecam lagi dalam laporan BBC

Laporan BBC News mendakwa dunia sebilangan pekerja hanya sebatas premis kilang, namun Top Glove nafi dakwaan tersebut.

Malaysian glove makers come under fire again in new BBC report

Some workers have not seen Malaysia beyond the factory premises, the report says in a series of allegations denied by Top Glove and Supermax.

China bans BBC World News in row over Xinjiang reporting

Besides its reporting on Xinjiang, the BBC has also aired a hard-hitting documentary accusing China of covering up the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic around the city of Wuhan in late 2019.

Beijing attacks ‘bad-mouthing’ BBC as disputes with Britain heat up

London and Beijing have been at loggerheads for months over Hong Kong, Huawei and Xinjiang.

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