Saturday, January 22, 2022

Barisan Nasional

Govt should honour GE14 ‘wage contract’ with workers

Politicians are urged to honour their promises and announce the new minimum wage order in accordance with their manifesto text.

Projek ‘Forest City’ hanyalah propaganda PH untuk jatuhkan BN, kata Najib

Najib turut menyelar PH kerana mengubah pendirian terhadap projek tersebut yang dikatakan memberi impak positif kepada negara.

BN putuskan bergerak sendirian hadapi PRU15, kata Tok Mat

Mohamad Hasan berkata kerajaan yang dibentuk selepas PRU15 mestilah kerajaan yang mendapat majoriti besar.

BN to go solo at GE15, says Tok Mat

The Umno deputy president says the party will not be tied to any other group.

Kita semua sudah tahu

Apa yang menghalang pembangkang berpakat ketika ini hanyalah satu perkara, calon perdana menteri.

‘Bossku’ will only help BN with rural votes, say analysts

While former PM Najib Razak continues to enjoy strong support despite his criminal conviction and sentence, this is largely centred among those who support BN anyway, they say.

An earlier election could trap Umno, say analysts

They caution against using the results of the Melaka polls to predict the outcome of the 15th general election.

Abang Johari thanks Bersatu, BN for staying out of Sarawak polls

The GPS chairman says both parties understand the politics of Sarawak.

Muhyiddin’s popularity as ex-PM lost BN its ‘fixed deposit’ in Sungai Udang, say analysts

The constituency has many military and police personnel who are grateful for the aid received during the Covid-19 crisis, they say.

Former top judge warns Umno against embracing ‘Bossku’, says Zahid must go

Abdul Hamid Mohamad says the Malays have given the party a second chance in the hope of seeing reforms.

PN swallowed up PH’s Malay votes at Melaka polls, say analysts

While PN won only two seats at the Melaka state election, it also succeeded in splitting the Malay vote, they say.

Melaka election shows people want political stability, says PBB leader

Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah says the election outcome also shows that the people are against 'political frogs'.

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