Monday, October 18, 2021


Over 10,000 declared bankrupt during MCO period

A total of 1,246 businesses also closed down during the same period.

Dec 7 hearing for Najib’s bid to strike out bankruptcy notice

His application to stay the bankruptcy proceedings will be heard on the same day.

Court throws out Najib’s bid to stay RM1.69 billion tax case

A High Court judge says the former prime minister has no strong grounds for a stay of execution to be granted.

Give aid to those declared bankrupt too, business group tells govt

The Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia says those in this group are currently unable to apply for the aid introduced by the government to cushion the impact of Covid-19.

Najib applies to strike out bankruptcy notice in RM1.69 billion tax case

The former PM claims that the notice issued by LHDN was part of a conspiracy to destroy his political career.

Najib yet to be declared bankrupt, says lawyer

He says the former PM will file applications to stay the bankruptcy proceedings and set aside the bankruptcy notice before May 24.

945 youth declared bankrupt from January to July

More than 100 bankruptcy cases were recorded among those aged 31 to 35.

Nearly 500 Japanese firms gone bust due to Covid-19, reports say

Businesses operating in the food, accommodation and clothing industries were the most affected.

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