Thursday, April 22, 2021


11 pelarian Rohingya maut akibat Covid-19 di Bangladesh

Terdapat lebih sejuta pelarian Rohingya kini berlindung di 34 kem pelarian di Cox's Bazar.

Bangladesh arrests Islamist leader after violent protests over Modi visit

Modi’s two-day visit was overshadowed by violence, and at least 17 supporters of Hefazat-e-Islam were killed in clashes with police.

3 Rohingya killed in new blaze at Bangladesh camp

This is the second fire at the camps in less than two weeks.

Many dead, thousands of dwellings lost to Rohingya camp blaze

Medical facilities in the camp are basic, and hospital beds are already mostly taken up with Covid-19 patients.

Beating misinformation in Bangladesh sex worker vaccine drive

Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim nations where prostitution is legal for women aged over 18, and at least 11 brothels operate in the country of 168 million.

Machete murderers of US blogger get death sentences in Bangladesh

The six men belong to an al Qaeda-inspired domestic militant group which police say is behind the murders of more than a dozen secular activists and bloggers.

‘The wait is over’: Bangladesh and Iran bring out the shots this week

Afghanistan has received its first doses but is still waiting for emergency approval from WHO before it can use them.

Dozens of Rohingya refugees caught arriving in Malaysia

Police confirm that a boat carrying 36 people was intercepted as it landed on the west coast on Jan 6.

Bangladesh ready to move more Rohingya to remote new island

The relocations will ease chronic overcrowding in refugee camps that are home to more than a million Rohingya.

UK Supreme Court to decide if ‘IS bride’ can return home

Rights groups argue that human rights principles are at stake and Begum should answer for any crimes in her home country.

Bangladesh brings in death penalty for rape but ignores ‘real issues’

Activists say the problem is 'rape culture', not inadequate penalties.

Drug gang warfare kills 8 in Rohingya refugee camp

Police say most of those killed were involved in the drug trade or trafficking Rohingya to Malaysia.

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