Monday, October 18, 2021


Iran kecam lawatan diplomat Israel ke Bahrain

Iran menyifatkan kedatangan diplomat Israel ke Bahrain memberikan kesan buruk kepada pemimpin negara itu.

Iran says top Israeli diplomat’s trip to Bahrain ‘stains’ its rulers

Iran's foreign ministry accuses Bahrain of ignoring Israel's 'daily crimes' against Palestine.

Israel foreign minister makes landmark visit to Bahrain

The Israeli top diplomat touched down at Manama airport just over an hour before a Gulf Air A320 took off for the first commercial flight between the two countries.

F1 safety systems praised as Frenchman survives fireball in ‘miracle’

Romain Grosjean managed to escape with only 'light burns' to his hands and ankles while his car split in two on impact and burst into flames.

PM Israel, Netanyahu rancang lawat Bahrain

Bahrain memulihkan hubungan diplomatik dengan Israel selepas beberapa dekad meminggirkan rejim itu berikutan krisis Palestin.

Netanyahu adakan rundingan rahsia dengan Pompeo, Putera Mahkota Arab Saudi

Pertemuan enam mata itu dikatakan berlangsung di sebuah bandar di Neom.

Israel, Bahrain formalise diplomatic ties

The two nations have agreed to establish peaceful diplomatic relations and cooperate in the fields of the economy, civil aviation, finance, communications and agriculture.

Bahrainis condemn normalisation deal with Israel

Many feel the deal abandons the Palestinians.

Trump’s ‘New Dawn’ Middle East deal signed at White House

US President Donald Trump says this is just the start, and that other Arab countries will soon follow suit.

A stab in the back? Mixed reactions to Trump’s Israel-Bahrain deal

It's a historic breakthrough for the White House and there was cautiously positive reaction from some Arab states although not everyone in the Middle East is delighted.

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