Friday, May 27, 2022


Under 2% of babies born to mothers with Covid get infected, study shows

The analysis found no link between new-borns testing positive with Covid and breastfeeding, the method of birth, whether they were premature or had been separated from their mothers.

Baby lost in chaos of Afghanistan airlift found, returned to family after long ordeal

The child has been returned to his grandfather and other relatives still in Kabul, who are working to have him reunited with his parents and siblings who were evacuated to the US.

US couple sues IVF clinic over baby mix-up

Lawyers in Los Angeles say two laboratories connected by one doctor switched the embryos of two entirely separate couples and implanted them in the wrong mothers.

Baby handed to US soldiers in chaos of Afghanistan airlift still missing

'Everyone promises they will do their best, but they are just promises.'

6-month-old in Chile given Sinovac jab by mistake

Investigations into the matter are underway, although the baby has shown no negative reactions so far.

Sweden sees first case of baby infected with Covid-19 in the womb

The baby was also found to have developed its own antibodies against the virus.

Singapore baby born with Covid-19 antibodies

The Singaporean mother had been hospitalised with mild Covid-19 while in Europe.

Man accused of killing his baby carried into court after refusing to cooperate

Police say it's possible that he was involved in deviant teachings, and that he was said to have heard voices.

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