Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Azmin Ali

Erdogan expresses solidarity with Malaysia in Covid battle during meeting with Azmin

He also voices an interest in working closely with Malaysia on vaccines.

Malaysia signs joint declaration on expansion of trade agreement with Turkey

Miti says this shows the commitment of both countries to the path of progressive liberalisation at a time when new forms of protectionism are taking root.

Malaysia tandatangani deklarasi perluas FTA dengan Turki

Menterui Miti Mohamed Azmin Ali dan Menteri Perdagangan Turki Mehmet Muş menandatangani deklarasi bersama ketika Misi Perdagangan dan Pelaburan (TIM) ke negara itu.

Economy on track for recovery, better growth prospects, says Azmin

He says Malaysia's economic fundamentals remain resilient even during these difficult times.

Malaysia offers itself as trading hub for cash-rich Qatar

This is among several proposals by senior minister Mohamed Azmin Ali who is leading a trade mission to the sheikhdom.

Mahkamah benar saman pengundi Gombak, tidak gugurkan pembelaan libat tuduhan salah laku seksual Anwar

Mahkamah Tinggi tetapkan pendengaran kes Jun tahun depan.

Only 5-10% of Covid-19 cases from manufacturing sector, says Azmin

He says the majority of cases today were sporadic, meaning that the virus is in the community.

Thousands of companies applying for jabs under Pikas, says Azmin

He says applications have been received from over 2,000 companies with 301,050 workers.

European circuits board giant picks Malaysia in RM8.5 billion boost to pandemic recovery

The plant in Kedah is expected to generate 5,000 high-impact jobs.

Approved investments up 95% to RM80 billion for first quarter of the year

The investments involve 993 projects and are expected to generate 32,557 job opportunities.

Nothing to speculate about, Azmin says on Ismail Sabri’s ‘closed door’ picture

Ismail himself rubbishes talk of his impending resignation.

Only 16% of applicants allowed to work during lockdown period, says Azmin

Although over 10 million applied for permission, only 1.57 million were given the green light.

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