Thursday, August 5, 2021


Church criticises Austrian govt’s ‘Islam map’

The highly controversial map shows details of more than 600 Muslim associations including details on their location and photos of members.

Austria to phase out AstraZeneca jabs

Its health minister says the jab is safe but cites bad press and delivery problems.

AstraZeneca vaccine not to blame for Austria death, says Europe medicines watchdog

Since inoculation campaigns began in earnest, isolated cases have been reported in some countries of people dying shortly after receiving a vaccine although none has been linked to the jabs themselves.

Austrian court rules split classes, masks in schools illegal

It says the ministry 'has not made clear why it considered these measures necessary'.

Fugging hell: Tired of mockery, Austrian village changes name

Villagers have had enough of English-speaking tourists stopping to snap pictures of themselves by the signpost at the entrance to the village.

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