Saturday, September 25, 2021


Speaker says will not interfere in motion against brother

Azhar Harun says any decision on the matter will be made by his deputies.

Govt moving to separate roles of AG and public prosecutor

Law minister Takiyuddin Hassan says this is to ensure justice and fulfil the principles of the rule of law as well as to avoid conflicts of interest.

Taking aim at Umno’s Tajuddin, PH wants ‘insolent’ AG sacked

PH leaders cite the attorney-general's recent statements including one dated June 25 concerning the powers of the king and the advice of the Cabinet.

The law doesn’t work that way, ex-CJ tells those calling for AG to be sacked

Abdul Hamid Mohamad says the attorney-general is expected to state the law as it is even if it doesn't favour the Agong.

AG’s moral duty as govt’s chief lawyer to clarify constitutional issues, says Sarawak MP

Ali Biju says Idrus Harun should be commended for bringing clarity to the matter.

AG clears the air on power to reconvene Parliament

Current state of emergency does not change the Agong's role as a constitutional monarch who must act based on government's advice, says Idrus Harun.

Ex-CJ reminds Agong he is bound by AG’s advice even if it’s ‘not popular’ among politicians, NGOs

Abdul Hamid Mohamad says in a joint statement that any failure by the Agong to heed advice in his official duties would open up a legal challenge in which the AG could not defend him.

Meritocracy the loser, thanks to stories from the wilderness

Will we ever see a qualified non-Malay again occupying a critical post after Tommy Thomas' flippant remarks?

Jesse James, Zakir Naik and other problems in Thomas’ story

Several errors and logical shortcomings have emerged in Tommy Thomas' autobiography.

I have full trust in my officers, says AG Idrus to ‘insults’ from Thomas

He says Thomas' comments in his recent autobiography are a 'clear insult' to the country's legal institutions.

We won’t stoop to your level, lawyer tells Thomas off over ‘secret ambition’ to become AG

Haniff Khatri Abdulla denies eyeing the post for himself, saying he and others named by Tommy Thomas had no such ambitions.

Trump announces departure of AG Bill Barr

Bill Barr is said to have resigned as attorney-general 'on his own accord'.

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