Saturday, January 29, 2022

asylum seekers


From Arakan to Selayang, a woman’s dream

Rohingya refugee Mumtaz Sultan Ahmad tells of how she came to Malaysia and her hopes for her children.

UK discussing plans to hold refugees in African ‘processing centres’

European nations are increasingly looking at contracting other countries to act as processing centres for asylum seekers.

Australia releases Tamil asylum-seeking family from island detention

Amid growing support for their case, Priya and Nades Murugappan along with their Australian-born daughters will now be allowed to live temporarily in Perth.

Australia pressured to free Tamil refugee family detained on remote Christmas Island

The family of 'unlawful non-citizens' were transferred to the island from Queensland, where they had settled.

Denmark telling many Syrian refugees to head for home

Authorities in Copenhagen are arguing that parts of Syria are now safe enough for refugees to return.

More than 100 asylum seekers in NZ locked up in prisons with hardened criminals

One man spent more than three years in a prison cell before being granted refugee status.

Denmark tells over 1,000 Syrian refugees: Get ready to go home, Syria is now safe

Denmark’s voters are becoming more anti-immigrant, forcing the ruling party to adopt a fierce anti-immigration stance to fend off opposition parties gaining popularity.

Rights group slams detention of hundreds of children at immigration centres as pandemic rages on

Detaining these children at overcrowded immigration centres puts them at increased risk of contracting Covid-19, says Lawyers for Liberty.

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