Saturday, April 10, 2021


Decision on AstraZeneca jabs in 2 weeks, says Khairy

He says there is ample time for a decision to be made before the vaccine arrives next month, amid concerns over blood clots as a side effect of the jab.

African Union looks elsewhere as India slows supply of AstraZeneca jab

The Africa CDC says delays in deliveries of AstraZeneca doses from India are complicating vaccination drives across the continent.

As millions get jabs, adverse reactions will inevitably emerge

Certain vaccines may provoke the same reactions as unrelated causes - AztraZeneca's jab is coming under suspicion of causing blood clots.

Malaysia kaji penggunaan vaksin AstraZeneca

Ini berikutan hasil dapatan Agensi Perubatan Eropah (EMA) bahawa pembekuan darah luar biasa berlaku.

Malaysia to review use of AstraZeneca jab after EMA findings

Minister Khairy Jamaluddin says safety is paramount.

EU regulator says AstraZeneca clot risk ‘very rare’ as nations battle virus surges

WHO agrees but the UK says it will adopt new medical advice to offer most people under 30 an alternative to AstraZeneca if possible.

AstraZeneca jab risk-benefit ‘still largely positive’, says WHO

WHO says there is no evidence that the risk-benefit analysis has shifted on the jab, which is one of only three different Covid-19 vaccines so far to have received the green light from the UN health agency.

UK medical regulator says 7 deaths among AstraZeneca jab recipients after blood clots

The European Medicines Agency, which like the World Health Organization previously declared the AstraZeneca vaccine safe, is expected to announce updated advice on the issue on April 7.

EU agency finds no specific age risk for AstraZeneca so far

The European Medicines Agency says a causal link is not proven although it is possible, and that the vaccine's benefits outweigh the possible risks.

First 600,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to arrive in June

Minister Khairy Jamaluddin says the delivery will come directly from AstraZeneca as opposed to the Covax facility as it is a direct procurement.

EU warns will block AstraZeneca vaccine exports

The Netherlands and Belgium, centres of EU vaccine production, are skittish at talk of an embargo, fearful that disruption to global supply chains could hurt other firms' production.

AstraZeneca says vaccine 76% effective in updated US trial data

This is a downward revision of three percentage points although the vaccine remains 100% effective against severe Covid, AstraZeneca says.

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