Sunday, April 18, 2021


‘Let’s Tea and end dictatorship!’ – Twitter launches ‘Milk Tea Alliance’ emoji

Young people are clashing with increasingly authoritarian regimes and taking their struggles online around the unifying and popular regional drink.

Fossil fuel pollution causes 1 in 5 deaths globally, study shows

The new study nearly doubles previous estimates of the number of people killed by fossil fuel pollution.

Asia needs a strong America to get involved in the region, but will Biden oblige?

Asia is wondering how attentive a Joe Biden administration will be to its concerns.

China economic recovery ‘will lift surrounding economies’

Compared to Europe and US, the worst part of the pandemic in China seems to be over.

Disney in Asia still magic, California Disneyland sacks 28,000

California pandemic laws mean the original Disneyland is unable to reopen.

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