Friday, September 17, 2021


Myanmar urged to avoid violence after junta opponents declare revolt

While Western countries have imposed sanctions to press the junta, Asean has been leading efforts for a diplomatic solution.

US urges Asean countries to increase efforts to find solution in Myanmar

After a foreign ministers' virtual meeting, Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweets that the group is 'key to the future of the Indo-Pacific'.

Asean grants Britain ‘dialogue partner’ status

Becoming a dialogue partner gives Britain high-level access to Asean summits.

US to show Southeast Asia it cares in virtual meetings this week

In recent years top US officials have not always attended Asean meetings but Washington now wants to increase its diplomatic efforts in the region.

Iran offers to become Malaysia’s palm oil distribution hub

Iran says it is poised to buy more of the commodity from Malaysia in a bid to address the growing demand over the next few years.

US urges Asean members to help restore democracy in Myanmar ‘immediately’

There have been claims that Washington has not been paying enough attention to a region that is crucial to its regional strategy to counter an increasingly powerful China.

Malaysia sambut baik sokongan terhadap konsensus Asean berhubung Myanmar

Hishammuddin menegaskan konsensus yang dicapai di Jakarta itu dapat merintis jalan untuk Asean terbabit dalam memulihkan politik Myanmar.

UN rights chief urges Asean to move on Myanmar

The UN must be allowed to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians without it being 'instrumentalised' by the military, she said.

Sharp rise in Malaysia’s vaccination rate as it beats Asia average

The country is leaving other major Asean countries even further behind as the rollout of vaccines gains pace.

Malaysia ungguli negara utama Asean dalam kadar vaksinasi

Malaysia mendahului negara-negara tersebut dengan sekurang-kurangnya 6.2% sasaran vaksinasi telah dicapai.

Southeast Asian nations oppose UN arms embargo on Myanmar

Human Rights Watch denounces Asean for lobbying to remove the arms embargo provision from the UN resolution.

Singapore urges Myanmar army to start talks for peace

The civilian death toll has continued to rise as the army tries in vain to suppress protests by what it calls terrorist groups.

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