Sunday, October 24, 2021


Warrant of arrest issued for Sarawak Report editor after no-show in court

Clare Rewcastle-Brown was supposed to appear in court to face a charge of defaming Terengganu's Sultanah Nur Zahirah.

MACC confirms 3 senior officers arrested in abuse of power, misconduct probe

The investigation is being conducted into allegations concerning a former head of department at the commission.

Israel reportedly arrests family members of Palestinians who tunnelled out of jail

Israel has deployed drones, road checkpoints and an army mission to Jenin, the West Bank hometown of many of the men locked up for their roles in attacks on the Jewish state.

6 school kids among 9 Hong Kongers arrested for ‘bomb plot’

The nine, said to belong to a pro-independence group that calls itself 'Returning Valiant', had planned to attack public facilities including a cross-harbour tunnel, the railway network, and courtrooms.

Cops arrest Apple Daily journalist departing Hong Kong airport

Reporting in Hong Kong is now risky and many journalists are afraid of prosecution.

Hong Kong police arrest editor, executives of pro-democracy paper

Dozens of prominent activists have been arrested since the national security law was introduced last year.

Cops nab Instagram account holder suspected of obscene communication with minors

Kajang police chief says a remand application will be made today.

Mask violaters in Philippines face arrest after president’s order

Rodrigo Duterte says police should get tough on rule breakers and arrest those not wearing a mask properly, including those who leave their nose exposed.

Malaysian arrested in Singapore with enough drugs to supply 12,000 addicts for a week

The 22-year-old was arrested in the vicinity of Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, where his hideout was also located.

Asian woman’s attacker charged with hate crime assault in New York

A viral security video showed people watching the attack but doing nothing to help the woman.

Ex-bank president arrested over alleged bribes to approve RM400 million loan

He is said to have given special treatment by approving the loan without following procedure and without due diligence because of the bribes.

Cops arrest ‘sugar daddy’ website boss

Sugarbook bills itself as a site 'where romance meets finance' and aims to link up older men with younger women, with the men expected to provide financial support for their companions.

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