Thursday, January 20, 2022


Army vows no compromise on bullying

Army chief Zamrose Mohd Zain says stern action will be taken including immediate termination from the services.

Bully case in army gets minister’s attention

Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein urges the individual who made the claims to come forward with more information to facilitate an investigation.

British army to start driving tankers as queues for fuel continue

A shortage of around 100,000 drivers has sown chaos through supply chains and raised the spectre of empty shelves and price increases at Christmas.

No racial quotas in recruitment, says armed forces chief

Affendi Buang says non-Malays comprise 20 to 25% of new intakes every year.

Afghan police return to work alongside Taliban at airport

The Taliban say they have granted a general amnesty to everyone who worked for the former government – including the army, police and other security branches.

Armed forces downplay ‘do or die’ video after alarm in Singapore

The army says the exercise was to test the competency of the army's parachute troop units, and that the overlap with Singapore's National Day celebrations was a coincidence.

Indonesian army scraps ‘virginity tests’ on female cadets

The military had long defended the unscientific 'two-finger test' as a way to weed out recruits whose past sexual behaviour they said would damage its image.

Ukrainian army defends female soldiers drilling in high heels

The decision for the women to march in high heels had angered a number of lawmakers after local media picked up images published by the defence ministry.

Myanmar insurgent group says razed military base near Thai border

The Karen National Union has clashed with the military in their territory along Myanmar's eastern border for weeks.

‘Ashamed’ Myanmar soldier joins anti-coup movement

For soldiers, the punishment for desertion is the death penalty, under military law – and Shing Ling says he knows the junta will eventually find him.

Myanmar cops flee to India after disobeying orders to violently suppress protesters

There have been reports of policemen joining the Myanmar civil disobedience movement, with some arrested, but this is the first reported case of police fleeing the country.

South Korea calling up the army to fight latest Seoul surge as winter snows threaten

As the country moves into winter, fears are growing of case numbers spiraling out of control.

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