Sunday, December 5, 2021

armed forces

No racial quotas in recruitment, says armed forces chief

Affendi Buang says non-Malays comprise 20 to 25% of new intakes every year.

Armed forces to commit assets to boost fight against Covid-19

Senior minister Hishammuddin Hussein says the armed forces are ready to help the health ministry, among others by setting up field hospitals for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Armed forces downplay ‘do or die’ video after alarm in Singapore

The army says the exercise was to test the competency of the army's parachute troop units, and that the overlap with Singapore's National Day celebrations was a coincidence.

From battlefield to caretaker for army veteran

A Arullapan has retired from army life, but everyday struggles persist as he takes care of his disabled wife and son.

70,000-strong enforcement team to monitor latest lockdown

The number of roadblocks will also be increased, to 800 from the current 600.

Armed Forces Fund Board declares higher dividend of 3.5% for 2020

This is compared to 2.5% in 2019.

The struggles that continue after war

Retired soldier A Arullapan left war and conflict behind him years ago but today, he faces a struggle of another kind. Money is short and it is up to him to take care of his wife and son who are both debilitated.

No more war but no peace either for veteran soldier

At 74, A Arullapan takes care of his wife who suffered a stroke six years ago as well as their son who is disabled.

Armed forces to be given power to arrest as PM announces tough laws against SOP breachers

Stricter laws to ensure greater adherence to Covid-19 SOPs will involve heavier punishments for offenders including business owners.

Armed forces no power to arrest MCO offenders, source says

Defence ministry source says the announcement on the matter was in reference to a separate operation.

Group warns against using armed forces to arrest MCO offenders during emergency

Concerns abound that this could lead to excessive use of force, Lawyers for Liberty says.

Cyberattack detected on armed forces data network

Armed forces chief Affendi Buang says the attack did not affect portal operations.

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