Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Antony Blinken

US responsible for ensuring nuclear weapons never used again, says state secretary

On Monday, Nagasaki marked the 76th anniversary of the US atomic bombing that brought about the end of World War II.

US urges Asean countries to increase efforts to find solution in Myanmar

After a foreign ministers' virtual meeting, Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweets that the group is 'key to the future of the Indo-Pacific'.

US to show Southeast Asia it cares in virtual meetings this week

In recent years top US officials have not always attended Asean meetings but Washington now wants to increase its diplomatic efforts in the region.

US urges Asean members to help restore democracy in Myanmar ‘immediately’

There have been claims that Washington has not been paying enough attention to a region that is crucial to its regional strategy to counter an increasingly powerful China.

State secretary in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal, end to US war

Nato troops, which outnumber US forces will all pull out at the same time.

China, Russia foreign ministers meet in show of unity against West

In the last century Moscow and Beijing were Cold War communist rivals but they are now forging extensive economic, military and scientific ties.

‘Cheap trick’, says North Korea of US attempts to make contact

A foreign ministry spokesman says no dialogue will be possible until the US rolls back its hostile policy toward North Korea.

Washington outlines new global strategy: China looms large

State secretary Antony Blinken says on virtually every front, the US will likely have to deal with the communist government in Beijing.

‘Extreme competition’ with China coming, but not like Trump, says Biden

Biden says he will work more closely with allies to increase pushback against China.

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