Sunday, July 25, 2021


Chimps recorded killing and eating gorillas in the wild for the first time

In two battles, the chimps separated an infant gorilla from its mother and killed it, and in the second fight the chimps ate the baby gorilla.

Sarawak livestock traders brace for low-key Eid

Between the Covid-19 restrictions and plunging livestock prices, they say they are struggling to survive.

A day ‘at the zoo’ in pandemic times

Like many other activities, even trips to the zoo must now be done online.

Forget Jaws: sensitive shark advocates want to rename violent attacks ‘interactions’

Shark researchers say the change to more sensitive language will help 'dispel assumptions that sharks are ravenous, mindless monsters'.

Woman dragged from tent and killed by grizzly bear in US

Fatal grizzly attacks are rare and wildlife officials are hunting the animal in order to kill it because of the nature of the attack.

Jumbos jet ‘home’: African elephants born and raised in English zoo to fly to Kenya

After the mammoth task of getting them to Kenya, the herd will be rewilded in the bush 'where they belong'.

Lion returned to owner after Cambodian PM’s intervention

An animal rescue group said that the lion's canine teeth had been removed, along with its claws.

‘Down, boy!’ Pets in the house have caught Covid-19 from affectionate owners

About 20% of cats and dogs who live with humans carrying Covid-19 antibodies also had the antibodies, a study has found.

Birthday cake helps Indian brothers escape leopard

The leopard followed the brothers on their motorcycle for 500m before giving up upon being hit by the cake.

Mice invade Australian prison, convicts flee

Millions of mice are terrorising the whole state, wrecking vital infrastructure and causing an unbearable stink.

‘Space pups’: Mouse sperm stored on space station produces healthy young

There are no signs so far of Mousezillas or rodent Hulks.

Whale of a tale: US fisherman says swallowed by humpback

Expert says she has no reason to doubt the account, and that the fisherman may have been 'in the wrong place at the wrong time'.

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