Thursday, October 28, 2021

Amnesty International

Immigration slammed for xenophobia, hypocrisy over warnings to Rohingya refugees

Amnesty International Malaysia contrasts the message with recent shows of support for the Palestinians, asking how the government can justify such 'hypocrisy'.

Rights group warns against migrant crackdown

Amnesty International also criticises the home ministry's plan to detain migrants in order to vaccinate them.

Middle East states executed most in 2020, says Amnesty report

Amnesty says the Middle East 'stands out as a region that clings to the use of the death penalty after deeply unfair trials'.

Western social media giants increasingly forced to censor Vietnam posts, says Amnesty report

Vietnam authorities have never banned social media companies but are increasingly 'requesting' they restrict 'anti-state' posts.

Adakah kita berhak mematikan?

Malaysia malangnya dalam 56 negara yang masih melaksanakan hukuman mati bersama-sama China, Jordan, Singapura dan Mesir.

Amnesty International bank accounts closed by India

Government 'harassment' is making it impossible for Amnesty to continue its work in India.

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