Sunday, July 3, 2022


Bekas pengerusi Tourism Malaysia persoal bos SC berkait siasatan terhadap AirAsia

Wee Choo Keong bertanya sama ada Syed Zaid Albar masih menjadi pengerusi Suruhanjaya Sekuriti.

Former Tourism Malaysia chairman prods SC boss on AirAsia probe

Wee Choo Keong asks if Syed Zaid Albar is still chairman of the Securities Commission.

Revealed: How SC stopped Bursa Malaysia from investigating AirAsia over Airbus scandal

The Malaysian stock exchange is understood to have been investigating possible breaches of a number of laws.

Pendedahan: Bagaimana SC hentikan siasatan Bursa Malaysia ke atas AirAsia

Difahamkan, Bursa Malaysia telah memulakan siasatan ke atas AirAsia berhubung dakwaan syarikat itu melanggar undang-undang.

Question mark over outcome of SC’s 2-year probe into bribery allegations linked to AirAsia

The scandal, which led to a massive US$4 billion settlement by Airbus, triggered a worldwide investigation with at least two airline bosses arrested and jailed.

Creepy critters cause problems for engineers maintaining superjumbos stored in desert

Qantas estimates the A380s won't return to the skies until 2023, when demand for international travel has recovered.

Pandemic clips plane-maker rivals’ wings as both see profits plummet

But both companies are optimistic as they rebuild to come out flying on 'the other side of the pandemic'.

Futuristic Flying-V jetliner model completes first test flight

The reduced weight and unique shape of the Flying-V could see it use 20% less fuel than an Airbus A350, the most advanced commercial aircraft in action today.

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