Monday, August 2, 2021


PH warns DG Noor Hisham after Parliament closed over Covid cases

Coalition leaders also warn health ministry officials against 'colluding' with Perikatan Nasional.

Feudal terms that are out of sync with modern democracy

It would be wise to look at the issue of emergency ordinances from an overall perspective of the constitution and the common good, rather than using terms like 'derhaka'.

Speaker says will not interfere in motion against brother

Azhar Harun says any decision on the matter will be made by his deputies.

State of emergency proclaimed in Sarawak until February 2022

The state election will be suspended until then.

Agong’s signature not essential for revocation of ordinances, says former top judge

Gopal Sri Ram cites a precedent set in a landmark constitutional case six decades ago showing that ultimate authority lies with the Cabinet.

Emergency ordinances should be debated in Dewan, says academic

Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz says this would enrich democracy and show more transparency on the part of the government.

GPS pleads for unity amid calls for PM to step down

It says the focus should be on ensuring the success of the National Recovery Plan.

40 BN MPs behind Muhyiddin

Deputy Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob says the MPs uphold the Agong's call to prioritise the welfare of the people.

All constitutional procedures followed, Putrajaya explains move to repeal emergency

Muhyiddin Yassin emphasises the importance of acting in accordance with the law in carrying out his duties.

Kerajaan masih miliki sokongan majoriti, kata TPM ketika Zahid, Anwar tuduh ‘kerajaan derhaka’

Anwar juga turut mengecam Ismail Sabri, mengatakan sebagai 'anak Pahang' beliau perlu berhati-hati daripada menderhaka terhadap Agong.

Govt still has majority support, says DPM as Zahid, Anwar step up ‘derhaka’ calls

Anwar Ibrahim meanwhile slams Ismail Sabri, saying as a 'son of Pahang' he should be mindful not to commit 'treachery' against the Agong.

Zahid tells Umno MPs to revoke support for Muhyiddin

He says MPs must carry out the decision made by the Umno Supreme Council on July 7.

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