Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Africa’s Covid-19 numbers hit new highs as Delta variant runs riot

The African Union has sharply criticised Europe, saying: 'Not one dose, not one vial, has left a European factory for Africa.'

Gabon becomes first African country paid to protect its rainforest

Rainforests are vital to reducing world carbon emissions and many wealthy countries are willing to pay up to get off the hook.

Malawi runs out of vaccines as second jabs due

The next shipment of vaccine has been delayed by the virus surge in India, which forced the country to temporarily halt major vaccine exports to meet local demand.

Suicide attack kills 15 at Somalia army training camp as even peacekeepers mock law

Somalia has been mired in civil war, clan conflict, Islamist insurgency, famine, and political instability, for over 30 years.

Boko Haram leader ‘kills self’ in fight with rival jihadists

Boko Haram has not yet officially commented on the death of their leader while the Nigerian army says it is investigating the claim.

At least 160 killed in deadliest Burkina Faso attack since 2015

Locals say they have started exhuming the bodies and burying them after transporting them.

Germany finally admits committing genocide in Namibia during colonial rule

German settlers killed tens of thousands of indigenous people in what historians have called the first genocide of the 20th century.

Africa needs 20 million second AstraZeneca jabs within 6 weeks

Africa’s Covid-19 vaccination campaigns are facing delays because of the export ban imposed by India as it struggles with its devastating surge.

Scores feared drowned after Nigerian river boat sinks

The boat was overloaded and broke in half as it was returning from a gold dig.

Rich countries causing ‘vaccine apartheid’ warns South Africa

Meanwhile, some African countries are destroying or giving away vaccines they have been unable to use.

China’s Africa ambitions threaten Atlantic peace, says top US general

The head of the US Africa Command warns that the Chinese are outmanoeuvring the US in in Africa.

WHO warns of new Covid wave in Africa

Africa now accounts for only 1% of vaccine doses administered globally, down from 2% a few weeks ago, as other regions' rollouts are progressing much faster.

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