Thursday, June 17, 2021

Adham Baba

Daily vaccine jabs shoot past 200,000 target

160,226 people received a first dose of vaccine yesterday while 55,650 others received a second dose.

Big drop in dengue cases and deaths, says health minister

12,188 dengue cases and eight fatalities were recorded from January to June 12 compared to 45,584 cases and 84 fatalities in the same period last year.

Nearly 200,000 vaccine jabs given in new daily record

197,963 doses of vaccine were administered yesterday, with 1.4 million fully vaccinated so far.

Late-stage Covid cases on the rise, says health minister

30,287 cases in categories 4 and 5 were recorded in May compared to 6,751 cases in April.

To ease SOPs or not depends on risk metric, says health minister

Dr Adham Baba says the metric will take into consideration factors such as the daily infectivity rate, number of deaths and capacity of frontliners.

More than 1.3 million fully vaccinated

4,361,358 doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered throughout the country.

Health ministry okays proposal to rope in medical fraternity for vaccination programme

This will include retirees, fresh graduates and volunteer doctors and nurses.

1.12 million fully vaccinated so far

This is an increase of over 7,000 from the day before.

26,000 Covid deaths by September ‘not impossible’, says health minister

Dr Adham Baba says his ministry is still waiting for complete data on claims that the virus has become airborne.

1.11 juta individu lengkapkan dua dos vaksin Covid-19

Setakat 2 Jun, 51.90% atau 12,584,422 individu mendaftar untuk menerima suntikan vaksin dengan Selangor mencatat jumlah pendaftaran tertinggi iaitu 3,337,532 orang.

Over a million fully vaccinated so far

More than two million have received a first dose.

Concurrent supply of vaccines to private sector, state govts in Phase 3 and 4, says health minister

Dr Adham Baba says this will help the country achieve herd immunity more quickly.

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