Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Taiwan building inferno kills 46, dozens injured

Kaohsiung's fire department said it sent more than 70 trucks to tackle the blaze, which took four hours to put out.

3 dead, dozens injured after US train derailment

Footage posted on social media showed people waiting by the tracks, luggage strewn next to them, with train carriages seen listing off the rails and at least one toppled onto its side.

One dead, dozens feared missing after ferries collide in India

Police say there may have been a communication error behind the collision.

Russian minister dies after jumping off cliff to save man during Arctic drills

Yevgeny Zinichev is said to have 'crashed against a protruding rock'.

Visually impaired man hit by self-driving bus in Paralympic Village

Several local media outlets named the injured pedestrian as Japanese judo athlete Aramitsu Kitazono.

8 feared dead as Russia tourist helicopter crashes into lake

Two of the survivors are in intensive care with various injuries.

18 killed after truck crashes into broken-down bus in India

Police said the bus probably broke down because it had about 140 passengers when its capacity was just 65.

Explosion at German chemical complex declared extreme threat

First responders say at least 16 people were injured and five remain missing, but the toll is expected to rise.

Russian plane missing in Siberia with 17 on board

The plane's emergency beacon is said to have been activated, and a search is underway.

Chinese dam engineers killed in Pakistan bus blast near hydro project

China's huge investment projects are mistrusted by some in Pakistan who say locals don't see the benefits.

At least 8 dead in hotel collapse in China’s Suzhou

Building collapses are common in China, often due to lax construction standards or corrupt officials responsible for building standards.

Wreckage of passenger plane found in eastern Russia

But Russia's aviation agency says rescue operations will be difficult given the geographic features of the landscape.

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