Sunday, June 13, 2021


NGO calls for action over Jelebu prison abuse

Sebaran Kasih says the police and prison officers must know the limits of their power.

Families claim Jelebu prison inmates beaten, sprayed with chilli powder in police custody

The wife of one of the inmates says her husband is traumatised and contemplating suicide in prison.

To speak or not to speak: the dilemma of sexual assault survivors

While opening up about experiences of sexual harassment can be cathartic, it could also lead to negative reactions and victim-blaming.

Head of French church child abuse probe says possibly 10,000 victims

The head of the commission set up by the Catholic Church says the previous estimate of 3,000 victims 'is certainly an underestimate'.

Singaporean admits killing maid after ‘inhumane’ abuse

Piang Ngaih Don was stamped on, strangled, choked, battered with brooms, and burnt with an iron.

Disfigured by acid, the face of violence against Yemen’s women

'I went through hell,' says 19-year-old who was married at 12 and rejected by her husband at 16 before being disfigured in an acid attack.

Shocking footage emerges of men in uniform assaulting workers

The incidents are said to have happened in Meru, Klang.

Indonesian workers ‘treated like animals’ in Sabah detention centres, report says

Even food and money sent by family members is often confiscated by immigration officers.

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