Tuesday, July 5, 2022


US Supreme Court strikes down constitutional right to abortion

Individual states can now permit or restrict the procedure themselves.

Thousands rally across US for abortion rights

The mass demonstrations are a response to a leaked draft opinion showing the Supreme Court's conservative majority is poised to overturn a landmark 1973 ruling guaranteeing abortion access nationwide.

Catholic Biden leads charge in US midterms abortion fight

Since becoming president, Biden has backed pro-abortion rights measures although he has also tried keeping symbolic distance.

US Supreme Court leaves Texas abortion curbs intact but allows suit

The law bans abortions at around six weeks, with no exception for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest.

US court allows Texas to resume ban on most abortions

Advocates of a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy have called on Congress to enshrine the right to abortion in federal law to protect it from any possible reversal by the Supreme Court.

US Justice Department sues Texas over abortion law

Attorney-General Merrick Garland says the Texas act is 'clearly unconstitutional'.

Mexico’s Supreme Court rules right to life from conception is unconstitutional

This comes days after a watershed ruling that penalising abortion is unconstitutional.

Birds and the bees about more than just biology, say activists

Peer pressure, the influence of the internet and media, and lack of preventive sex education have an impact on minors and their understanding of the matter as well.

Argentine Senate passes landmark abortion bill

The bill, passed after 12 hours of debate, legalises voluntary abortions at any stage up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

The abortion debate in Malaysia

The abortion debate is usually approached through the consequences of not being able to obtain safe abortion services, seen in the emergence of underground abortion clinics and the baby dumping problem.

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