Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Najib still eyeing re-election despite conviction

He is still an MP but the constitution bars him from contesting elections unless he gets a pardon or a reprieve from the Agong.

Auditor KPMG to pay RM333 million in 1MDB settlement

It is one of the largest 1MDB-related settlements by an audit firm in Southeast Asia.

1MDB to apply for substituted service in suit against Jho Low, 5 others

Substituted service is to serve documents in public litigation after attempts to serve documents via personal service have been unsuccessful.

A convict as your economic adviser? Some advice for Ismail

What kind of message does Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who has yet to warm his seat in Putrajaya, want to send to the nation about his priorities and principles?

Buktikan kesalahan saya, Najib cabar Justo

Bekas perdana menteri itu menjawab pembongkar maklumat 1MDB itu dalam beberapa siri soalan.

Show proof of my wrongdoing, Najib challenges Justo

The former prime minister responds to the 1MDB whistleblower with a series of questions.

Najib, Rosmah to inspect seized bling with Lebanese jeweller

The inspection had been postponed several times due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Pembongkar skandal 1MDB nasihat Najib lakukan ‘pemeriksaan kesihatan mental’

Xavier Justo berkata bukti-bukti tentang penglibatan Najib dalam kes 1MDB berada di mahkamah.

1MDB whistleblower tells Najib to get a ‘thorough mental health check-up’

Xavier Justo hits back after the former prime minister accuses him of stealing data in exchange for money from a UK-based businessman.

1MDB sukar proses audit kerana beberapa dokumen dirampas polis, mahkamah diberitahu

Saksi bersetuju serbuan dan rampasan dokumen oleh pihak polis meletakkan 1MDB dalam kedudukan yang agak sukar,

PM cannot accept donations no matter what, says Dr M in veiled swipe at Najib

And accepting money from foreigners would open up opportunities for interference in domestic politics, says the former prime minister.

Court dismisses appeal to forfeit millions belonging to Umno, 7 others

The court also allowed an appeal by the Pahang Umno Liaison Committee against a High Court decision last year allowing the prosecution to forfeit RM2,479,300.18 seized from the committee.

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