Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Putin stripped of taekwondo black belt over Ukraine invasion

The decision comes after the International Judo Federation said it would suspend Putin's status as honorary president and ambassador 'in light of the ongoing war conflict in Ukraine'.

New Chinese hacking tool found, spurring US warning to allies

The discovery was shared with the US government in recent months, who have shared the information with foreign partners, according to a US official.

Covax vaccine supply outstrips demand for the first time

Last year, wealthy nations snapped most of the available shots to inoculate their own citizens, meaning less than a third of people in low-income countries have been vaccinated compared with more than 70% in richer nations.

Ebit Lew mengaku tidak bersalah atas 11 tuduhan gangguan seksual

Ebit didakwa membuat hantaran gambar dan perkataan lucah dengan maksud mengaibkan kehormatan seorang wanita melalui aplikasi WhatsApp.

South Korea turns to self-treatment as Omicron fuels soaring Covid-19 cases

South Korea has largely been a Covid-19 mitigation success story, thanks to aggressive testing and tracing, social distancing and mask wearing.

Global Covid deaths surge 20% in a week

The pace of the increase nevertheless appears to have slowed.

Germany weighs ban on Telegram, tool of conspiracy theorists

Police have set up a Telegram task force with a view to investigating messages that contain death threats or hate speech, identifying and prosecuting their authors.

Russia prepares new measures as Omicron cases near 700

The Kremlin has frequently expressed frustration at the slow uptake of the domestically made Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19, and called on officials to increase inoculation rates.

Australia’s Omicron outbreak strains testing clinics as cases hit records

Australia has reported a record 16,500 cases in NSW and Victoria, home to more than half of Australia's near 26 million people, eclipsing the previous high of around 11,300.

Hujan lebat diramal berterusan di 5 negeri

Amaran waspada turut dikeluarkan di beberapa kawasan negeri-negeri itu.

Hilang kerusi tradisi mungkin beri isyarat SUPP yang ‘dibuli’ akan berubah, kata penganalisis

Mereka berkata SUPP mengalami kesukaran kerana hilang kerusi Mambong dan Dudong menjelang PRN Sarawak bulan ini.

Philippines suspends decision to allow vaccinated tourists entry

The decision is a major blow to tourism operators across the archipelago nation, which have been devastated by a plunge in international visitors and restrictions on domestic travel since borders shut in March 2020.

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