Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Supporters chant outside as 47 activists appear in Hong Kong court

Pro-Beijing supporters were there too, with banners reading: 'Severely punish traitors and those who sell out the country.'

China denies forcing birth control on Muslim Xinjiang women

The birth rate in Xinjiang’s minority regions has plummeted by over 60% in just three years.

The takeaway on Fitch downgrade and sovereign debt

Ultimately, it’s the markets that need the state and not the other way round.

Covid-19 treatments: Some progress, no panacea

Very few of the drugs tested and administered so far have proven effective.

US’ Pompeo in Japan for Quad session with Australia, India to discuss China

The US, India and Australia are all seeing growing tensions with China.

Record 673 compounds issued over RMCO

Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob says there is an increasing defiance of the RMCO.

Other News

Program imunisasi bantu pulih perniagaan, ekonomi, kata Mustapa

Vaksinasi lebih ramai rakyat dapat meningkatkan keyakinan pengguna untuk keluar berbelanja.

Apabila Jepun masuk Malaya

Ini cerita dari mulut ke mulut. Cerita dari sana cerita dari sini.

Homosexuality can be called a mental disorder, rules Chinese court

The gay Chinese community has accused the textbook’s editors and the courts of being out of touch with contemporary culture.

Malaysian who dodged death for drugs in Singapore walks free

Beh Chew Boo, who escaped the noose in October, was released after the court dismissed the prosecution's bid to proceed with the trial of four other charges against him.

Warga Malaysia bebas hukuman gantung di Singapura

Dia berdepan dengan lima pertuduhan membawa dadah ke republik itu sebelum mahkamah mendengar rayuannya.