Friday, October 16, 2020


Rock legend, dead at 65, showed what talented immigrants can do in US

Born in Amsterdam, Eddie Van Halen became a rock superstar known for his electrifying style.

Vitamin D may help fight Covid-19, says new research

British medical journal The Lancet cited studies which suggest that vitamin D may be able to protect against acute respiratory infections such as Covid-19.

Rome rated first 5-star airport for Covid-19 prevention

The airport scored highly for strict enforcement of mask wearing, visibly present cleaning staff, and the routing of all incoming and outgoing flights through a single terminal for easier passenger tracking.

Google boasting zero carbon footprint, now and forever

Google says it has now compensated for all of the carbon it has ever created.

Worldwide divorce boom expected after pandemic lockdowns

The coronavirus pandemic is putting an enormous strain on relationships around the world. Wage cuts, job losses and 24/7 living together at home have strained...

Cuddling cats could give them Covid-19, says Wuhan research

Researchers now think that all cats, whether strays or pets, can catch the virus from humans.

Oman Air to return to KL, providing links to 12 countries

So far, the airline will connect Muscat with London, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Cairo, Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Dubai, Doha, Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Lahore and Islamabad.

Satisfaction available at Rolling Stones’ new flagship store in London

In a nod to current times, the shop will also sell Rolling Stones face masks.

Futuristic Flying-V jetliner model completes first test flight

The reduced weight and unique shape of the Flying-V could see it use 20% less fuel than an Airbus A350, the most advanced commercial aircraft in action today.

Forget lazing on the beach, adventure tourism set to be new normal

Not only are such activities mostly outside, thus limiting time spent cooped up together indoors, group sizes can be managed to allow for physical distancing.

Prince Harry, Meghan surprise UK taxpayers with multi-million-dollar repayment

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have repaid some £2.5 million forked out by British taxpayers to refurbish the home allocated to them which they abandoned early this year.

Benvenuto to our beautiful beaches, tourists! Just don’t try to smuggle our sand home

Anyone who secretly removes sand from the island's beaches can be fined as much as RM15,000.

Other News

Brazilian senator resigns after money found in underwear

Chico Rodrigues says he will prove he had nothing to do with any illicit act.

Rossi positif Covid-19

Beliau disahkan dijangkiti virus Covid-19 selepas menjalani ujian kedua petang Khamis lalu.

No way, PKR co-founder says on cooperation with Najib, Umno

Syed Husin Ali says this would cause dissatisfaction among the majority of PKR members.

Pengasas PKR tak setuju Anwar kerjasama dengan Najib, Umno

Adalah mustahil untuk PKR bekerjasama dengan pemimpin Umno terpalit rasuah, apa lagi yang sudah disabitkan bersalah, kata Syed Husin.

Anwar’s bravado causing jitters in the business community

Politics should not be at the expense of livelihoods or undermine economic fundamentals during these trying times.