Saturday, October 17, 2020


UEM Sunrise-Eco World merger proposed

The merger would see Eco World becoming UEM’s subsidiary.

Huawei fighting to survive ‘nonstop US aggression’

Chinese giant may have enough chips to last into 2021.

Markets fall on runaway Covid-19, bank malfeasance news

Millions of ordinary people will be affected by downturn through their pensions.

NZ hits first recession in decades

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the current figures are expected given the government's tough restrictions to contain the coronavirus.

US ramps up Huawei attacks with new restrictions on tech exports

A new rule expands US authority to require licences for sales to Huawei of semiconductors made abroad with US technology.

Australia in recession for first time in 30 years

Social assistance benefits in cash also rose to a record 41.6% due to an increase in number of recipients and additional support payments.

Other News

Pendedahan: Ahli Parlimen ‘tunggal’ tandatangani SD sokong rampasan kuasa Anwar

Tindakan bekas menteri itu akan mengeruhkan lagi hubungannya yang sedia keruh dengan ketua partinya.

Revealed: The lone ‘individual’ MP who signed SD backing Anwar’s coup plan

The ex-minister's act will likely complicate his fragile ties with his party boss.

Tak pernah dalam sejarah undi tidak percaya dibentangkan, kata bekas menteri

Jika ia gagal masih terdapat cara yang boleh digunakan supaya usul tersebut boleh dibentang di Dewan Rakyat.

Never had one before but it’s possible, ex-minister says on no-confidence vote

Nazri Aziz says the best way would be to ensure that government bills are defeated when put to vote.

Bekas menteri Kabinet, Aziz Shamsuddin meninggal dunia

Aziz pernah menjadi setiausaha politik kepada bekas perdana menteri, Dr Mahathir Mohamad.