Friday, July 30, 2021

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Israel to offer third Covid jab for over-60s

The jabs will be given as part of a 'complementary vaccination campaign' for people aged over 60 who were fully vaccinated more than five months ago.

Nasa’s little Mars chopper just set an out-of-this-world distance record

Following the completion of its 10th flight, Ingenuity has now clocked up a total distance of 1 mile on Mars – a huge accomplishment for the little chopper.

WTO says disparities in vaccine rates can hit economic rebound

Failure to ensure global access to vaccines poses a serious threat to the global economy and to public health, it says.

Chinese city offers cash for births as alarm grows over China’s ageing population

All across China there are fewer and fewer young workers available to keep the economy going.

Biden gets tough with unvaccinated federal workers

The president also urged states and cities to offer US$100 gifts for new vaccine-takers.

Over 4 billion Covid vaccine jabs injected worldwide

Three countries are not yet vaccinating: Burundi, Eritrea and North Korea.

Thai hospitals short of beds as Covid cases soar

Hospitals in Bangkok have the capacity to manage 1,000 new patients a day, but authorities say they are well past that number.

Tanzanians still sceptical as country begins Covid-19 vaccinations

The government's challenge is to reverse the scepticism the Magufuli administration promoted about Covid-19 and vaccines.

AstraZeneca says Covid vaccine sales top US$1 billion

The group shipped about 319 million doses worldwide during the first half of the year, which included US$572 million of sales in Europe and US$455 million in emerging markets.

Olympic organisers defend virus measures as cases rise

At least 193 athletes, media and Olympic employees and contractors have now tested positive for Covid-19.

Outspoken billionaire jailed for 18 years in China for ‘provoking trouble’

Beijing has been cracking down on the growing power of private businesses and entrepreneurs.

Delta variant drives virus spread to 3 China provinces

It is geographically the largest spread for several months, challenging China's aggressive containment efforts which have relied on mass testing, lockdowns and swift contact tracing.

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