Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Govt should accept court ruling on citizenship for children born overseas

Even if the government's appeal is purely academic, it would affect the development of the country's legal system.

A convict as your economic adviser? Some advice for Ismail

What kind of message does Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who has yet to warm his seat in Putrajaya, want to send to the nation about his priorities and principles?

The Covid-19 recession: Rough times for young Malaysians

The Covid-19 recession of 2020 and the continuing travails of 2021 have compounded the already difficult conditions for young workers and fresh graduates.

More needed to tackle vaping culture among youth

A higher tax on vape liquid could go far in discouraging young people from venturing into the habit.

Debunking 5 fake claims on the degazetted Kuala Langat forest

A pressure group refutes claims by the authorities including that the Kuala Langat forest reserve is degraded and not viable for conservation.

A public transport agenda for Malaysia

Much should be done to ensure the improvement and maintenance of the country's public transport system, including in the Asean context.

A low interest rate environment is only natural

There’s a difference between low interest rate and zero interest rate.

Some concerns about the proposed Kulim airport

It has huge potential to cause massive negative effects on the surrounding environment, if not properly planned, sited and executed.

Nothing futile about an anti-party hopping law

Singapore, for example, has had an anti-party hopping law for nearly six decades now.

The futility of an anti-hopping law

A political funding law, meanwhile, would prevent the recurrence of infamous bribery cases such as 1MDB and ensure that the flow of money for political activities is legitimate.

Not everyone is a frontliner

Championing one group or another as 'frontliners' and deserving of vaccination first causes others to be pushed down the line.

Celebrating Merdeka with a mindset reset

It is imperative that we recognise the growing threats to our society and take important measures to snuff out the agents of division and strengthen the unity of our nation.

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