Thursday, April 15, 2021


Remembering former US attorney-general Ramsey Clark

He spent decades in the struggle for human rights, both in and out of the government.

Where i-Sinar went wrong

The economy should be stimulated through investments in areas that have been neglected, not through use of EPF savings in wasteful consumption.

Identity politics, here to stay?

Umno doesn’t need to abandon its ethnic identity, but it must reshape its political narrative based on a national ideology.

No place for disruptive ethnocentric politics

It is one thing to not understand or practise religion fully from a personal perspective, but it’s an entirely separate matter to 'use' it as a divisive political tool to garner populist support ahead of the polls.

Bank Negara on the right track but too optimistic about growth

Bank Negara’s economic outlook for 2021 shows a realistic assessment of the underlying conditions of the economy and the downside risks but is over-optimistic on growth.

Syed Saddiq, a one-hit wonder?

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman would have been well placed to fight for the now-delayed Undi 18, but he has said very little on the matter.

Is going to court the only way to settle ‘Allah’ issue?

Interfaith dialogues were the norm during the Prophet's time; why shouldn't the same be done now?

The media’s role in a pandemic

News outlets should avoid the use of clickbait headlines especially when important information such as on the Covid-19 vaccination programme is at stake.

Targeted travel bubbles could herald a return to the golden age of tourism

But these will only work if everyone is responsible about following the SOPs.

Put an end to the tragic incidents at the SUKE highway project

So many incidents happening in such a short period of time should be a sign to the authorities that something is not right.

The role of water in the pandemic era

It is estimated that over two billion of the global population live in countries with high water stress.

Syria and the price of resistance

The truth about how sanctions, war and terrorism have contributed to the immense suffering of the Syrian people and the current humanitarian crisis has not been highlighted in the media but it is a reality that the Syrians are painfully aware of.

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