Thursday, July 29, 2021


Looking beyond Parliament’s political theatrics

The government has committed to pulling out all the stops to cushion the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why ivermectin should not be used to treat or prevent Covid-19

Taking large doses of this drug is dangerous and can cause serious harm.

An open letter to Syed Saddiq

While his lawyers handle his case, Syed Saddiq should continue doing his job as an MP, speaking for the people and pushing for the reforms promised by the previous government of which he was a part.

Bottom-up understanding of justice needed to protect national sovereignty

While it is true that certain opinion makers have exaggerated opinions, it is equally important to see justice from the perspective of ordinary people on the ground.

Why do Muslims slaughter animals for God?

Perhaps one lesson for Muslims is that they should be cautious about obeying what seems to be the will of God and compare religious commandments with their moral sense.

The Covid-19 crisis, questions and motives

Differences of opinion should not lead to extreme positions which are not supported by facts or realities on the ground.

Putting Malaysia’s Covid-19 numbers in context

While the number of daily infections may be alarming, we should keep in mind the distribution of cases in terms of severity of infection as well as the progress in our vaccination efforts.

Tengku Zafrul answers ‘failed state’ claim

Those who describe Malaysia as a failed state may not have taken into account factors such as the country's vaccination rate, spirit of volunteerism and National Recovery Plan.

Malaysia isn’t perfect but it’s no failed state

A lot is being done not just to tide us over during this difficult time, but also to help propel the nation to the next stage of growth, post-pandemic.

Rafidah, don’t be a hypocrite about private higher education policies

As a federal minister at the time, she is conveniently positioning herself as a saviour for the problem of which she was a part.

5 things we don’t want to see in the upcoming Parliament sitting

As the upcoming session is only five days and held after a prolonged hiatus, it is all the more important to make the best of it.

Federal Court, the ultimate adviser

The Federal Court has advisory jurisdiction on the legal effect of any provision of the constitution.

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