Tuesday, November 30, 2021


A sister’s plea for her brother’s life

Pannir Selvam's sister challenges the Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau’s refusal to issue him a certificate of substantive assistance.

Goading China into war over Taiwan

Coercing or compelling a state to follow blindly one’s dictates is an example of a lack of respect for the other in international relations.

Lessons from Melaka and Mahathir

Pakatan Harapan should have learnt its lesson by now on accepting traitors.

The real winner in Melaka polls

Umno in fact lost an estimated 4% of support among Malay voters.

Don’t fall for Najib’s rebranding exercise as the people’s champion

If the plight of the people really mattered, his request for a RM100 million property should not have been discussed by the Cabinet in the first place.

From Pegasus to Blue Wolf: How Israel’s ‘security’ experiment in Palestine became global

While Israel uses the convenient term 'security' to justify its practices against Palestinians, actual security has very little to do with what takes place at its checkpoints.

Alcohol and gaming more complex than PAS makes out

Buying lottery tickets does not mean a person has a gambling problem, and moderate drinking does not make one addicted.

The difference between Muhyiddin and Najib

Muhyiddin made his position on Najib known years ago, and he suffered within the party for that.

The real challenge in Melaka

It is not so much the restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, although full-scale campaigning should be returned as soon as possible.

Make sure that balconies of high-rise buildings are safe for children

To prevent any tragedies involving children and balconies, safety measures should be integrated into the structure of the building itself.

The real societal problems behind Squid Game

Rising household debt and poverty have become more prominent in the wake of Covid-19.

Death by bureaucracy

An activist tells of the administrative red tape and bureaucracy that now needs to be done in a rush due to Singapore's decision to execute a Malaysian on death row.

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