Tuesday, April 13, 2021


From a secret affair to wedding bells

Najib Razak certainly knows a lot more about us than he does about his own bank accounts.

Meritocracy the loser, thanks to stories from the wilderness

Will we ever see a qualified non-Malay again occupying a critical post after Tommy Thomas' flippant remarks?

All it takes to lose a war

The government owes no apology in declaring an emergency to lock down politicians jostling for power.

Long live 2021

While the effects of the pandemic may go on, we can still hope for a year free from preoccupation with numbers of the political kind.

‘Merry Christmas’, just the icing on Jakim’s cake

But the problem did not start with the present government, nor did it end under the leadership of those who preached reforms.

What Anwar should do

Our concern should be the numbers brought to us each day by Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, not the numbers concocted by a certain politician or his supporters in the media.

Give me liberty, and death too?

Today's royal command is the next best thing to a state of emergency to stop our disruptive politicians.

Editorial: Where we went wrong with our scoops

In exposing the ugly truth of our political pandemic, we may have distracted Malaysians from a greater threat.

When humour is an apt response to news of governments toppling

Sarcasm does not necessarily denote indifference; it can just as likely signify the triumph of hard-won wisdom over politics.

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Truth, trust and MalaysiaNow's role in today's media landscape.

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