Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Fear and caution in the time of the pandemic

Which do we exercise, as daily numbers continue to spike?

The misdirection in teaching courses

The drive to perfect the teaching vocation is pure, but severely misdirected.

What Malaysia should and should not do about Philippine claim to Sabah

It is not enough for Malaysia to rest on the fact that it has both de facto and de jure sovereignty in Sabah, despite the Philippines' claim to the contrary.

Cherry-picking morality in consumerism

Protecting the environment means examining our own behaviour as consumers and where our decisions lie on the spectrum of necessity.

Editorial: Where we went wrong with our scoops

In exposing the ugly truth of our political pandemic, we may have distracted Malaysians from a greater threat.

Anwar’s bravado causing jitters in the business community

Politics should not be at the expense of livelihoods or undermine economic fundamentals during these trying times.

A warning shot to DAP about its political partners

A staunch supporter warns DAP of swift retribution at the ballot box if it chooses to work with Umno.

The people’s ‘olive branch’ to power-hungry politicians

The most important thing for now is for everyone to come together to fight the invisible enemy of Covid-19.

The theatrics and reality of anger

People's anger will continue to exist as long as there is a source of frustration.

Kak Juwita and lessons on identity

Will we make it a crime to express our being?

Why a second lockdown is unnecessary for now

Individual areas with spikes in cases should be locked down, not the entire state or country.

On loyalty to passion and passion for upholding loyalty

The fanaticism of the old authorities is just as bad as the youngsters' passionate defence of premature beliefs.

Other News

Bekalan air di Hulu Selangor pulih

Sebanyak 90 peratus daripada 1,292 kawasan yang mengalami gangguan bekalan air di Lembah Klang kini pulih.

Lebih 700,000 kakitangan pengurusan, penyeliaan bekerja dari rumah mulai esok

Hanya 10% pekerja melibatkan perakaunan, kewangan, pentadbiran, perundangan, perancangan dan ICT dibenarkan berada di pejabat.

Maximum 30% public service staff allowed at office until CMCO ends

Face-to-face activities such as meetings, discussions and trainings must be held online.

World’s longest flight soon to take off again and it’s even longer now

'Operating these flights between Singapore and New York’s JFK represents an important step in the rebuilding of our global network.'

30% pegawai pengurusan, pentadbiran dibenarkan kerja di pejabat

Arahan kehadiran bertugas itu adalah terkecuali kepada penyampaian perkhidmatan-perkhidmatan penting (essential services).