Sunday, June 20, 2021


Muhyiddin, Mahiaddin, what’s in a name?

An education for those who obsess over the prime minister's name without knowing the proper historical and cultural context.

Rafidah, coming up with a national recovery plan is not like distributing APs

While some like former minister Rafidah Aziz have been quick to criticise the government's Covid-19 recovery plan, others appreciate it as a practical and timely framework for moving on.

How Benjamin Netanyahu won America and lost Israel

While other Israeli leaders have made their strong relationship with Washington a cornerstone in their politics, Netanyahu’s political style was essentially American from the start.

Covid-19 vaccines: a tale of the rich and greedy

Rich nations are already moving towards full vaccination while the agreements reached by low and middle-income countries for doses to be delivered up to 2023 cover half their populations, or less.

Of parking spots and lives that are never enough

Life in a PPR is a life that is worth less than what residents are worthy of but just enough to keep them there.

High time for an Anti-Bullying Act

The Penal Code and Child Act 2001 are inadequate to protect children and adults alike from being bullied and discriminated against.

Our migrant workers and us

Many of them work hard despite the harassment they face and are only looking to earn an honest living and send money home, not unlike Malaysians who go overseas.

The mistake of considering migrants a national security concern

The Malaysian government has been condemning xenophobia at international fora and should do the same in the country.

When unicorns and fairies began giving Covid-19 jabs

Bad experiences with government institutions are a dime a dozen but the men and women behind the national Covid-19 vaccination programme provide a glimpse of what the country could be.

Zafrul must lose his banker’s hat

The Covid-19 crisis has given Tengku Zafrul Aziz an opportunity to show that he can use his knowledge of banks to help the people.

Vaccinating can be done without arresting migrants

The better way is for government to simply work together UNHCR, civil societies and grassroot organisations in order to facilitate the vaccination process.

Govt must take immediate action on custodial deaths

The time for an independent oversight body to monitor the police is long overdue.

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