Thursday, January 27, 2022


Kudos for plan to further curb smoking, but devil is in the details

Cracking down too hard, too fast on smoking will only drive the habit underground, making it almost impossible to regulate and monitor.

Pristine forests the most ideal habitat for tigers

It is important to differentiate sustainable forest management that complies with the principles of sustainability from conventional logging where indiscriminate logging takes place.

Inflation, a problem in Malaysia?

Misguided chatter about high inflation could force a reactionary interest rate hike.

Facts vs agenda in assault on MACC

One needs to question why the allegations against Azam surfaced at this critical point in time.

What Djokovic and further EPF withdrawal advocates have in common

Short-term measures like more EPF withdrawals are paving the road to ruin because they do not come with suggestions on overcoming structural issues.

What ‘inconclusive’ means in the legal process

When there is no finding of breach, the law cannot be used as a weapon but must be turned to act as a shield to protect the innocent.

In South Africa as in Palestine: Why we must protect the legacy of Desmond Tutu

Because of Tutu and his comrades, we have a roadmap on how to fight against and end apartheid, how to confront the racists and how to defeat racism; how to embrace our moral responsibility and how to strive for a better, more equitable world.

Govt should honour GE14 ‘wage contract’ with workers

Politicians are urged to honour their promises and announce the new minimum wage order in accordance with their manifesto text.

If one PSC’s act is unlawful, let the other PSC act

The Public Service Commission is empowered to put an officer of the general service of the federation to a garden leave to facilitate an investigation against the officer.

Did PSC exceed its powers in calling Azam?

Based on its terms of reference, the PSC cannot act in its own capacity except with the reference of the Dewan Rakyat or minister.

Trial by media, guilty by perception

2022 is a most critical year for the shifting balance of power and what better way to create distrust of one of the most important government institutions?

A plea for better management of human-tiger conflict

The Malayan tiger is standing precariously close to the brink of extinction.

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