Monday, April 19, 2021


Sarawak, Selangor still lead as 2,195 more cases recorded

Johor follows with 387 cases reported.

Invasion by foreign species a fishy problem for Perak anglers

Concerns abound over the release of foreign invasive species into the country's freshwater bodies and the effect this will have on local ecosystems.

No more war but no peace either for veteran soldier

At 74, A Arullapan takes care of his wife who suffered a stroke six years ago as well as their son who is disabled.

Cases rise in Selangor as 2,331 more infections recorded

751 cases in Selangor, 512 in Sarawak.

Putting a face to the ‘ghost’ of Covid-19 in Sarawak interior

Rural communities require a different approach when it comes to disseminating information on the virus and how to combat it.

Selling books is hard these days, but not all indie bookshops are clearing their shelves

Physical bookshops will be scarce in future as more reading Malaysians turn over digital pages.

Sarawak cases surge as 2,551 more infections reported nationwide

960 new cases reported in Sarawak.

Company director held under Sosma for sabotage of Selangor water services granted RM50,000 bail

Court of Appeal panel says Lim Kian Aik was confirmed to be suffering from acute coronary syndrome.

Najib’s bid for documents relating to 1MDB case to be heard on May 31

Najib is on trial for four charges of using his position to obtain bribes totalling RM2.3 billion from 1MDB funds and 21 charges of money laundering involving the same amount.

Citigroup to exit Malaysia, 12 other consumer banking markets

This is part of its policy shift towards expanding wealth management operations in 'wealth centres' where the company has best scaling opportunities.

Anti-refugee soundbites from ministry might deal a blow to Wisma Putra’s bid for UN rights council seat

There are concerns about Malaysia's diplomatic image as well as its treatment of refugees as seen in recent events involving foreign workers and migrants.

It’s about crowd control, health experts say as numbers spiral towards fourth wave

Crowd control is key to making sure that case numbers do not continue to rise, they say, adding that there has been a lack of systematic preventive measures so far.

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