Thursday, April 15, 2021



In Kedah interior, a cry for help over water

For decades, villagers in Baling, Kedah, have struggled to deal with the lack of consistent water supply as daily disruptions force them to turn to alternative means of ensuring enough water for themselves and their families.

In Sarawak, river taxis struggle to stay afloat

These traditional ferry operators have transported passengers for decades, but their business is now threatening to go under as the impact of Covid-19 continues.

Talk, Now with Shahidan Kassim

Veteran Perlis Umno leader Shahidan Kassim does not mince with words even when it comes to criticising his own party leaders, as Dangsuria Zainurdin finds out in this second episode of Talk, Now.

Meet the height specialists

These men have brought new meaning to reaching new heights in their careers.

Talk, Now with Art Harun

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Azhar Harun talks to Dangsuria Zainurdin about his childhood and music, the joy of kampung life, the sorrows of high posts, and the personal toll that comes with it – in this pilot episode of Talk, Now.

The lion tamed in the year of the Ox

Choo Kok Yew's lion dance troupe is normally busy during the Chinese New Year season, but not this year.

4 mums talk about online learning

Online learning comes with a host of problems, and these parents from different households each have their own challenges.

Melaka’s MCO blues

This historic city is second only to Kuala Lumpur in attracting tourists from across the world, but today it tells the same story of despair due to lockdowns related to Covid-19.

Warga kota berniaga selepas dibuang kerja akibat Covid-19

Tinjauan dilakukan sekitar Kuala Lumpur mendapati banyak peniaga ambil kesempatan berniaga bagi menampung kehidupan terjejas akibat Covid-19.

Border town pushed to the edge by Covid-19

A quick trip to Padang Besar near the Malaysia-Thailand border and how the pandemic affected the shopping haven.

7 Jan: Covid-19 dan rangkuman berita hari ini

One Minute News adalah rangkuman berita Khamis, 7 Januari, 2021.

Yacob, the doctor in the house

As its name suggests, Klinik Maha in the centre of Alor Setar, Kedah has its own little history. It was founded by Dr Mahathir Mohamad before he left the medical practice.

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