Tuesday, October 26, 2021



Stateless and turning 21 in Malaysia

Thinesh longs to achieve great things in her life, but cannot without citizenship.

Being stateless and left behind

Sara (not her real name) longs to reach life's normal milestones of getting a driving licence and going to university, but she knows that such things may be forever out of reach.

Life at the end of the race track

Mohd Raduan Emeari tells the story of his transition from being a national athlete to filling tanks at a petrol station.

Behind the wheel with Dr Mahathir

At the ripe old age of 96, Dr Mahathir Mohamad is still game for highway spins himself, and has no qualms about getting behind the wheel.

Winning hearts and minds one Orang Asli village at a time

Mobile vaccination teams head out to Orang Asli villages in the interior to tell them of the importance of getting jabbed against the Covid-19 virus.

Talk, Now with Nazri Aziz

Vocal MP shares about his life journey, from being a reluctant politician to some of his most memorable times as he decides to retire from politics altogether, in this fourth episode of Talk, Now.

A policeman’s story during the Malayan Emergency

Krishnan Nair Raman Nair recalls his experiences during the communist uprising.

A song for Malaysia from behind Singapore bars

Death row prisoner Pannir Selvam pens a tribute to his country, his second song from behind bars.

Merdeka minus the parade

With a ban on parades and crowds, Malaysians turn to other ways to show their patriotism as they mark their second pandemic-era Merdeka Day.

Happy Bank, reaching the needy across the country

For seven years, Happy Bank has been helping those in need, but numbers now are greater than ever thanks to the Covid-19 crisis. Contributions to Happy Bank can be channelled to Maybank account number 568621000906.

Bringing Covid jabs house to house

A small team of government health workers make daily trips around the Sungai Besar area in Selangor, vaccinating those who are unable to leave their homes.

Saving Tasik Chini

This Unesco-recognised freshwater lake in Pahang has come under threat from mining and other activities, causing the Orang Asli community in the area to worry about their future.

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