Wednesday, January 12, 2022



Starting again, from A to Z

The floods that swept across large parts of Selangor have left farmers struggling to recover from their losses.

Talk, Now with The Kumaars

Vloggers Logesh and Rachel speak to MalaysiaNow about life in the US, missing Malaysia and raising their children to know the best of both worlds.

After the floods in Selangor

Days after some of the worst floods to ever hit the country, homes and lives remain in shambles.

A very ‘Asli’ Christmas

This predominantly Christian Orang Asli settlement in Perak prepares for Christmas, but not in the conventional way that it is celebrated.

Melaka’s Portuguese settlement ushers in Christmas

The Portuguese have been in Melaka for many, many years now, and they celebrate Christmas in full tradition.

Listen to our voice, a plea from the disabled community

They want to be independent but require government assistance in order to get started.

65 going on 25, the ‘old’ Grab rider

At 65, Zakaria Abdul Wahab is thoroughly enjoying his unconventional job.

A plea from Melaka’s Portuguese community

The Portuguese settlement in Ujong Pasir is a testament to Melaka's colonial past. The community here has been battling land reclamation which affects residents' livelihoods and quality of life.

Seashore politics in Melaka’s hottest seat

Tanjung Bidara is a coastal seat and considered the most keenly contested in the Melaka state election. But here, fishermen have other things to worry about.

A mother’s fight to make her child a Malaysian

Nine-year-old Alias Daniel was adopted as a baby but has no details of his origins except his date and place of birth.

From a cemetery, a plea for a home

This Deepavali, all Mogana and her family want is a house to live in once they leave the abandoned temple that has been their home for years.

Stateless and turning 21 in Malaysia

Thinesh longs to achieve great things in her life, but cannot without citizenship.

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