Tuesday, January 18, 2022


The silver chariot sets out

While Thaipusam is being observed under tight SOPs for yet another year, the silver chariot bearing the statue of Lord Murugan continues its annual journey.

After the floods

A look at the destruction left behind by the massive floods last month.

Life on a padi farm in Kedah

Farmer Saadon Abu Bakar must wait another three to four months to harvest his crop which was swamped by the recent floods.

A look back at 2021

From more Covid-19 challenges to raging floods, MalaysiaNow captures some key events and moments that occurred throughout the year.

Christmas with the Bidayuh

The largely Christian minority live deep in the interior of Sarawak, passing on their traditions and culture from one generation to the next.

It’s Christmas time in the village

Villagers eager to celebrate Christmas after another pandemic year deck the halls and observe much-loved traditions.

Disorder and desperation in Sri Muda floods

Taman Sri Muda was one of the areas worst hit by the floods which covered many parts of Selangor after days of heavy rain.

Flood chaos in the Klang Valley

Continuous heavy rain leaves thousands displaced, destroying homes and property.

Sarawak goes to the polls

Voters head to the polls in the 12th Sarawak election to choose their next state administration from over 300 candidates.

The village keeping ancient Malay traditions alive

The villagers of Kampung Pulau Misa Melayu in Perak spend their days in a variety of activities steeped in ancient Malay culture.

Living in the village among the clouds

Here, more than 1,200 feet above sea level, some 60 families work on their farms to make a living.

A show of loyalty for Najib

Supporters of the former prime minister gather in a show of solidarity outside the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya where a three-man panel of judges upheld his conviction and sentence for seven criminal charges related to SRC International.

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