Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Sending in the cavalry to vaccinate rural Sarawak

The army medical teams going to communities in the interior face a wide range of challenges from logistics to communication.

Focus on Covid, Dr M’s bloc says no comment on Zahid’s move

Pejuang says Covid-19 should be the priority as decreed by the Agong.

Flowers and emergency ordinances

All quarters should endeavour to develop a better understanding of procedures and processes related to constitutional matters.

Zahid says enough SDs from Umno MPs to topple Muhyiddin

The Umno president says the statutory declarations will be submitted to the Agong.

Umno minister resigns, citing loyalty to party

Shamsul Anuar Nasarah says this is taking into account Umno's stand and decisions.

Private doctor claims ‘kickbacks’ in vaccination procurement

He also criticises 'flip-flop' policies on administering Covid-19 jabs to teenagers and the procurement of the Sinovac vaccine.

Malaysia outperforming developed countries in terms of daily vaccination rate

Malaysia is also doing better than the global rate in terms of a rolling seven-day average of vaccine jabs per 100 people.

New cases back over 17,000 as 195 more deaths logged

Selangor records 5,836 cases, Kuala Lumpur 2,309.

Putrajaya agrees to put emergency ordinances to debate

PM Muhyiddin Yassin says the Cabinet will discuss the motion tomorrow.

Agong sends flowers to minister Takiyuddin in hospital

The royal gesture comes amid rising political temperatures sparked by a royal rebuke of the PAS leader last week.

22% of population fully vaccinated, 44% given first dose

A total of 21,668,999 vaccine doses have been administered since Feb 24.

Ailing tourism spells hairy times for cat hotels, too

Owners have nowhere to go, which means pets have no need of hotels either.

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