Friday, October 22, 2021

Waitress arrested after cutting off boss’ penis following ‘repeated rapes’

The pair reportedly had a romantic relationship despite the man having a wife and children in Bangladesh.

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Barcelona police have arrested a waitress after she allegedly cut off the penis of the man who runs the bar she worked at.

The man is in hospital and is facing an investigation into repeated sexual assaults against the woman, Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia has reported.

Following the incident at the bar 10km north of Barcelona, another employee called the  emergency services, local television network La Sexta reported. The unnamed employee said this was not the first time the woman’s boss had sexually abused the waitress.

The bar owner was taken to hospital along with his member. It was not immediately clear if doctors managed to successfully reattach his amputated male appendage.

The unnamed woman then turned up at a local police station at around midnight on Monday, saying her boss had tried to rape her. She told officers she had picked up a large kitchen knife to fend him off and had cut off his penis, local press reported.

The cops took the woman into custody, pending an investigation into her accusations against the man.

She alleged she had suffered repeated rapes by the bar owner, who “forced her to have non-consensual sexual relations” with him multiple times.

She said the Monday night violence was the first time she had found the strength to say no and defend herself.

The names of the parties involved have not been disclosed but they were described as natives of Bangladesh in their 40s, who had been working together at the El Sibarita de la Barca bar for around six months prior to the incident.

The pair had a romantic relationship despite the man having a wife and children in Bangladesh, unnamed sources told La Vanguardia. They allegedly spent so much time together that the neighborhood believed “that they were a formal couple”.

The woman reportedly had told the man she wanted him to leave his wife, but he had refused, La Sexta reported.

Sources say the woman’s version of events had changed several times and that she had contradicted herself, leading police to believe she may have planned the incident.

Euro Weekly News reported that the man has been arrested for the crime of sexual assault.

Police are aiming to determine whether or not there were possible crimes against sexual freedom involved.

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