Sunday, October 24, 2021

Crowds flood London’s Chinatown for no-questions-asked Covid-19 jabs

Nobody had anticipated the huge numbers who did turn up for a free jab from the 'vaccine bus'.

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People flooded the streets of London’s large Chinatown on Thursday afternoon after an online message board for Chinese speakers advertised free Covid-19 jabs.

It promised people would not have to present any documents.

The jabs were not bookable by appointment, instead people were urged to just turn up, for one day only.

However, nobody had anticipated the huge numbers who did turn up.

The advert, posted on the Chinese Information and Advice Centre website, said people would not need to have a National Health Service (NHS) number or any other ID.

News footage showed crowds of people gathered around the “vaccine bus”, most of them not social distancing.

Similar strategies are being used around the UK in areas where vaccine take-up has been low and communities have high levels of vaccine hesitancy.

Undocumented migrants also have problems registering for NHS-administered jabs.

“A vaccine bus is available in London Chinatown to offer free vaccine jab to the Community without appointment,” the advert said.

“You DO NOT need to have an NHS number, or any proof of address or personal identification. Undocumented migrants also welcomed! Stay safe! Get vaccinated!”

The bus is run by the central London borough of Westminster council and is an official service offered by the government and the NHS.

Currently, coronavirus vaccinations can only be booked via the NHS website or at a local GP surgery at which patients should be registered.

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