Thursday, October 21, 2021

Japan registers first possible case of mother-to-newborn Covid-19 transmission

The child reportedly had no health problems.

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A newborn in Japan is believed to have contracted Covid-19 from the mother in what may be the first case of mother-to-baby coronavirus transmission in the country, reports Sputnik.

According to a report by NHK on Monday, researchers from the Japan Pediatric Society studied 1,124 medical facilities across the country that have pediatric departments. According to the survey results, 52 newborns at 31 facilities were born to coronavirus-positive mothers last August, of which one baby was said to be infected. The child reportedly had no health problems.

The broadcaster added, citing researchers, that there had been similar cases reported in other countries on suspected mother-to-baby Covid-19 transmissions.

According to Morioka Ichiro, a professor at the Nihon University School of Medicine, the chances of mothers passing the coronavirus on to their babies are low, and infected babies may develop light symptoms.

There have been reports from several other countries, including Singapore and Bulgaria, of women giving birth to babies with antibodies after contracting Covid-19 during pregnancy.

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