Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg hails VR teleporting over commuting

He also believes that switching from commuting to VR for work will have a positive impact on climate change.

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Media sources report that in a recent discussion on the popular invite-only Clubhouse app, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg chatted about his company’s progress in the world of virtual reality (VR), saying: “We should be teleporting, not transporting.”

Chatting under the name Zuck23, he discussed the social media giant’s progress in the world of virtual reality and augmented reality (AR).

He believes that VR will allow workers to meet virtually rather than travel to offices and hinted that research to achieve this goal is going on at Facebook’s Reality Labs.

Facebook is the owner of the popular Oculus VR company which has been a pioneer in the mainstream VR device world and develops its VR and AR tech under its Reality Labs division.

Zuckerberg believes that VR is the way forward to allow people to experience new places and things without leaving their homes.

“One of the things that VR will unlock is the ability to live anywhere you want and be present in another place and really feel like you are there,” he said.

He added that people are discovering a new level of workplace interaction as more workers previously tied to offices are working from home amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“VR is going to unlock a lot of economic opportunity because people will be able to increasingly work where they want and kind of teleport into place,” he said. “I am also pretty optimistic about the impact on climate, in reducing the amount of commuting that people have to do.”

The Covid-19 lockdowns have confirmed his belief that there is no need for physical offices.

He said Facebook is planning to allow 50% of its staff to work remotely by the end of this decade with the help of VR technology.

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