Sunday, February 28, 2021

Singapore’s first ever parliament live stream viewed over 82,000 times

Covid-19 and the response to the pandemic were the main topics of the streamed sitting.

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Singapore’s first-ever live stream of a parliament sitting received over 82,000 total views over two days, with Covid-19 and pandemic response being the main topics.

The decision to live-stream Singapore’s parliamentary sittings came after many calls from MPs in order to give Singaporeans a chance to watch proceedings in real time, with the final decision made in September to stream the sessions live on YouTube.

Despite the idea being vetoed at first by former leader of the House Grace Fu back in 2020, the House eventually agreed “in principle” to proceed with plans to show parliament sittings live on YouTube, with an English-captioned option also available to viewers.

“The government has agreed to this live-streaming in view of the global and technological trends, which have made online streaming more feasible and enabled legislators around the world to livestream their proceedings,” said Singapore’s Communications and Information Minister S Iswaran.

Those interested to watch replays of the livestream can find them on the ministry’s YouTube channel, where they’ll remain for six months from the upload date.

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