Sunday, March 7, 2021

‘Mandatory solidarity needed’: EU talks on migration pact begin

The talks are sensitive as several EU countries are openly reluctant to receive any refugees.

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Portugal started a round of talks with ministers from various European Union (EU) nations on the new pact to tackle the bloc’s long-standing migration issues, its government said on Tuesday, Reuters reports.

As part of its six-month rotating EU presidency, which began this month, Portugal held an initial consultation with Greece, a country on the frontline of Europe’s migrant crisis in 2015 and 2016.

Last September, the European Commission initially put forward a proposal for the migration pact during Germany’s EU presidency.

The most sensitive part of the pact obliges each member state to host some refugees with many governments saying outright they will not take any refugees

In a statement, Portugal’s Internal Affairs Ministry said problems related to migration from outside the EU could only be solved with “solidarity between countries” but highlighted “such solidarity cannot be voluntary”.

“Flexible” but “mandatory solidarity” between EU countries is the key concept Portugal is pushing for, the ministry said, adding solutions must be found to two main issues: regular migration flows and migration crises.

The minister in charge, Eduardo Cabrita, said he would also hold meetings with government officials in Spain, Italy and Malta, where migrants mainly arrive, but also with reluctant destination countries such as Poland and Hungary.

The ministry said, “The goal of these meetings is to find points of convergence between member states and the paths that will allow us to overcome aspects that generate less consensus in the pact.”

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