Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Texas and California, the current US Covid-19 record holders

Winter is approaching and health officials are making extra efforts to contain the spike in cases over the last few weeks.

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Medical facilities in Texas are feeling the strain as the Lone Star state became the first state to pass a million Covid-19 cases in the US on Saturday.

If Texas were a country, it would be the tenth most affected in the world for total Covid-19 cases. Last week, the state added about 8,000 new cases a day, reports Reuters.

The state accounts for over 10% of total US cases.

The city of El Paso on the Mexican border is so pressed for hospital beds it has converted a convention centre into a field hospital.

Second placed California, which was the first US state to surpass 600,000 cases of Covid-19 back in August, is currently slightly short of Texas in the number of infections and deaths.

California, the most populous state in the union, has added roughly 30,000 cases in the last seven days and is currently approaching the unwelcome milestone of a million cases.

Within California, Los Angeles County has so far registered the highest total number of deaths in the state at just over 7,000 by Nov 5.

With winter fast approaching, when even the Golden State can get a little chilly, health officials have been making extra efforts to contain the spike in cases in the last few weeks.

Basic restrictions are being enforced such as: no spectators at sports events, no dining inside restaurants, and masks to be worn everywhere, but the numbers are still soaring.

The US is the worst affected country in the world, with 10 million cases only days away.


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